Thanks to the skills and experience acquired in the development and production of jewellery addressed to regional celebrations, the brand initiated the production of a line of Contemporary Jewels to meet a wider range of demands.

This way, a series of headdresses and ornaments was born: rings, bangles and bracelets, brooches, earrings and hair pins representing a new evolution in our company's expertise.

Our Contemporary Jewellery Collection opens a new chapter for the company founded in 1918.

These new artistic creations incorporate all the experience our goldsmiths have been gathering throughout the history of the firm: we reinvented and revisited classical motifs, drew inspiration from elements of the Mediterranean culture and nature, employed new techniques and materials in order to create these exclusive pieces.

This Collection is extremely versatile, since it combines different styles, a wide variety of colours, materials and finishings, which makes it suitable for every occasion.


About Peris Roca

Goldsmiths and jewelers since 1918. Tradition, design and original creations.

Three generations of artisans who dedicated their life to precious metals craftsmanship, creating items and works of art in full respect of Valentian traditions and style.

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+34 617 303 155

Calle Bolsería, 31
46001 Valencia - Spain

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