Elisa Peris, Valencia 1969.

Even though Elisa was born in a family of goldsmths, in her youth she decided to take a different professional path, aiming to become a specialst physician. After more than a decade and being pushed by fate, she realized that “the road took an unexpected turn” and could feel “the need to approach and work on something related to artistic creation”.

As a consequence of this change she started training as Senior Technical Artistic Jewelry Design, becoming part of the family tradition. "I'm interested in the creative process, the work that leads to the creation of unique pieces that contain part of my own subjectivity. I like contemporary crafts, shaping objects and jewelry, which could be part of everyday life and at the same time bring a meaning to the context in which they are”.

Her work is organized and its polar axes lay in exploring different types of artistic languages, new ways to build significant ideas, which are a reflection of their own creative process. “Exploring deeply the artistic languages and craftman forms of expression may offer a new meaning to the contemporary society”. Valueing craftmanship and contemporary jewelry is one of the concepts that lead our brand's phylosphy.

At the time being, Elisa is completing the Doctoral Program of artistic production at the Faculty of Fine Arts (Polytechnic University of Valencia).

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Three generations of artisans who dedicated their life to precious metals craftsmanship, creating items and works of art in full respect of Valentian traditions and style.

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